Super Thermal Insulation System (STIS)

For nearly 20 years, Sião has excelled at Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques, having today the world’s highest performing insulated tubing system which uses the same technology as NASA utilises to thermally insulate their satellites.

Sião was the first to invent and use nanotechnology for insulated tubing systems in Oil & Gas applications which could be used for surface and subsurface insulation, as well as onshore or offshore. Our STIS improves the thermodynamic potential of a well by delivering more Enthalpy to the oil bearing reservoir – indispensable in deep wells.

Whereas Vacuum insulated tubing (VIT) could possibly lose its thermal performance in just months due to a process known as hydrogen attack and quickly needs to be replaced. Our Super Thermal Insulation System (STIS) uses nanotechnology as the insulating medium and lasts for at least 10 years! Now oil and gas operators can have insulated tubing that is safe, longer lasting, and gives unrivalled financial and logistical benefits.