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Columbia Petroleum International Technology is the international arm of Columbia Tecnologia em Petróleo SA, founded in Brazil  in 1995. Both companies are privately held limited liability companies.


Solutions in Sand Control

Knowledge of reservoir sand properties―such as particle characteristics, particle size distribution (PSD) and particle size uniformity—is central to the design of sand control completions.


Solutions in Thermal Insulation

Columbia has an unmatched reputation for hard work, obtaining results, innovation,  and problem solving skills which we take great pride in and apply it to our work every day.

Columbia is proud to supply
our partners in 16 countries.

Founded in 1995, Columbia Technology has ethic values, social  – environmental responsibility and commitment to technology development

We achieved a differentiated reputation with a complete portfolio of services and products, including solutions for heavy oil from A-Z. We have extensive expertise in the design, manufacture, assembly, maintenance, end-to-end project management, engineering consulting, onshore, offshore and design components tailoreoperations).d. Innovatives, we were one of the first companies in the world to use nanotechnology for insulation of pipes.

This and many other engineering achievements assured to Columbia Technology the reputation of an innovator; aggressive in their passion to achieve great results every time. With commitment to innovation and improvement techniques Columbia Technology Services provides increased productivity and competitiveness for our Partners. 


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